Tuesday, June 27, 2006

You always get what you want

My uncle Hank was a detective, a detective who was also a hair fetishist.

He was naturally drawn to hair. It was how he came to work for the FBI, because he was so good with hair.

He loved women's hair, and in particular he loved the hair of murderesses -- before they would become murderesses.

He knew who was predisposed to being a murderess, just by their hair. He was naturally drawn to women who were capable of murdering another person.

It was a scary thing to be drawn to, but he was eventually drawn to a woman who murdered him.


quasar9 said...

Like a male spider
drawn to mate,
even he knows he is on the menu
at the Black Widow's grand feast.

Did Nature design that, or
is it Cosmic Karma
as in Krsna thought
that some will mate just to fall

And Salmon (male & female)
who race up stream just to spawn and then the flesh just to let fall

flic said...

Good points! It's all in the nature. So, what or who is nature? I suppose if you sit back and wait and watch you will find nature. And if you get up and go and move forward you will find nature! Go figure.

J Crockett said...

But you just said it's all in the nurture. No, wait, did you say (like everybody is taught), that it "*always begins*" with the nurture, then the nature? damn, my point sucks! no wonder you ignore me. it's coz i'm so dumb :-(

flic said...

I don't ignore you, Jesse. You're just too clingy.

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