Monday, August 28, 2006

Language and Trauma, Series 2

My cousin Stewart [photo at right] from Missouri sent me a very interesting document. He got the document from a friend of his, who in turn got it from a close relative.

The document is the recorded heart-wrenching emergency phone call to the police of Burstan County, Missouri. The following document is presented verbatim. And the Burston County police department has verified and acknowledged the authenticity of the document as it is given to you here:

Caller: The shovel is balancing on the top of my head! Can you hear me!?

Operator: Yes, I can hear you. Can you tell me that again, about the shovel?

C: The shovel is in my head!

O: The shovel is in your head? What do you mean? Do you mean that metaphorically, or literally?

C: I mean that literally. The shovel is in my head, the blade of the shovel is in my head, and I am balancing the wooden handle up at the top of my head. I'm leaning up against a wall by the pay-phone outside right now.

O: Where, where are you calling from? We've been trying to trace your call, but we're unable to trace your call. Where are you?

C: I'm over here, I'm right here.

O: Where, where are you?

C: Over here! Please help! Oh no, they're coming after me with a rake! Now they're coming after me with a rake! Please! Help! Help! Help! Ahhh!

O: Hello? Hello? Are you there? Hello? Sir? Are you there? Hello? Hello? Hello? Are you there? Hello?


MysteriousLady said...

Now that's scarey! I'm here for click & Comment monday. I don't see a renter so I will visit someone in your links.

Have a wonderful monday!

Jon Cox said...

OMG THATS INSANE!!!! OW! Oh WOW, thats scary!!! Thank you for stoppinh by my blog & for your wonderful comments, I appreciate it A LOT!! I'm very glad you like my latest work! :o) OMG, what a post!

Canopenner said...

So someone stuck a shovel in this poor blokes head then came after him with a rake?

And of course the police were no help? (Are they ever)

Im Confused...

flic said...



The culprits were indeed subsequently and easily caught (by the police).

And miraculously, the victim survived. (The shovel was fortunately a small garden shovel).


Canopenner said...

Flic ol buddy, I reread the post.

And if theres one thing Im now sure of its that its hard to tell someone an address with brain trauma.

But really where are any and all of us ever?

Right here? other than that everything is relative. Where is this? Where am I now? Where are you? Where are any of us?

What is this place I find myself in? Why am traveling where I am traveling to? Where is that place Im heading? Why am I reding this "dark conduit"? wheres it end? Wheres that???

The human existance is one of uncertainty.

I digress.

flic said...

You have a wonderful day, too! And thanks for dropping by!

As always: good stuff!

On your second comment there, you have some very good thoughts!