Sunday, September 10, 2006

Generation X

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If you were born between the approximate years 1965 and 1980, then cultural labelling of generational identification classifies you as a member of Generation X.

But you already knew that. And you are already poised to beg to differ about the idea of being labeled, classified, or stereotyped. But let's forget about that part of the discussion -- for it simply doesn't let us move ahead with the more important and interesting elements of discussion about being an individual in the world and in our beloved Generation X.

As you know, the generation after us is called the Y Generation. And the generation before us is the Babyboomer generation. No one really talks about Generation X anymore. So, what kind of relevance do we have to the present time in the world, and perhaps to the future?

How are you living your life these days? What kind of life-philosophy are you living by these days? The oldest of our generation is 41 years old, and the youngest of our generation is 26 years old. So how does the past, present and future look to you?


Do you think generations (or the relationships between generations) has any impact or plays any part in what happens in the world?


If you are a member of the Y Generation or of the Babyboomer generation, what are your thoughts and ideas about your life within your generation and in the world today?


Babs1 said...

Let's put it this way... That song with the lyrics, "The Future's so bright, I gotta wear shades" doesn't apply anymore.
But I tend to be a pessimist.
Life-philosophy? Laugh and learn as much as possible.

Canopenner said...



Personally I dont really buy into the global warming thing but the scientific commitee has closed the book on it. They say its real. Good thing Im cynical enough to not believe it.

Theres this and that mathmatical theory saying this is about it. The end is Nigh. Once again, Im not a mathmatician so I dont buy it.

All the organised "Christians" always think the end is upon us. They always think Christ will come before they croak and they can take a shortcut to heaven without dying.(nice thought tho)

Theres the energy crisis to consider...Thats pretty much all bad news.

They say this is a period of mass extinction. Not exactly a cheery thought.

Governmental systems becoming omniscient, (Thats a real cheery one, how about that monitoring program?)and omnipotent. (Theres all those secret prisons they keep talking about on the radio)

And even if none of these things are really pressing and dangerous, I am assuridly a walking dead man, its just a matter of time. That weighs on me from time to time. And though I believe in the almighty creator of the universe and his will for my salvation I dont for a second fool myself into thinking that I am going to me, canopenner, wherever Im going. Cause like flic is always getting at I am going to be without my brain and I only have a slight idea of what things are like without that. And thats a scarey ball of yarn to untangle in and of itself.

Lets see, whats the good news?

Xbox360,PS3,Higher resolution televisions,My telephone works from more places...Woopie do!

I guess its worth mentioning I think that bigotry and racism are rarer than they used to be(But still common in alot of places).

I love my wife and children but I worry about them and what the future holds for them too.

Maybe its always been this way. Maybe its always seemed like a horrifying and dangerous world. Maybe this is nothing new.

But the really, really scarey thing is that I consider myself an optimist.

I guess I can still smile, laugh, and enjoy myself alittle, its fun to sit in the sun or sing a song to myself...As long as I dont think about all this other stuff, thats good. Right?

Mike said...

I was born as a baby boomer I guess and really don't consider myself much different than the next generation.

(Well ok...a little greyer perhaps though)

steven edward streight said...

As a Babyboomer individual with a distinct personality set and imaginary self that I protect and defend against all delusional attack vectors, I would say that my generation over-analyzes everything.

The analytical mediocre who studies hard to avoid actually doing much, prompted my observation, loosely paraphrasing the film, the boring, unspooky movie "The Sixth Sense":

"I see dead people. At work. Collecting paychecks."

I am an Ethical Anarchist over-achieving workaholic, like all in my generation who are not sandbagging meaty ochres.

In deep trance I state this to satiate your curiosity about such things as I can see not any of it being anybody's business but the researcher.

Toodle Loo and look up, it might fall on you, too!

canopenner said...

Do you think generations (or the relationships between generations) has any impact or plays any part in what happens in the world?

Hard to tell from where Im standing.

flic said...

babs- Yes. No need for the shades, I think. Might have to bring an umbrella.

canopenner- A walking dead man? Well, thanks to all the electronic gadgets (you might be saved). But you're right: family is what makes the world go round. And singing a song to yourself, now that sounds like the good life!

mike- You just might be right that the generations are all not much different. (I've heard some people even start greying at 19!) BTW: you have some great funny stuff over at your blog!

steven edward streight- Yikes! A researcher I am. And good thing. So, Steven, have no worries.

canoppenner (2:38)- Where are you standing?

Canopenner said...

Well, I can say that it seems to me that the generation before mine needs alot of help and the one after mine is totally clueless.

But I would just be broadcasting my perspective and I feel like my perspective is not an accurate portrayal of how things are.

I close my eyes and hope for the best because I cant trust what I see as being "real". All we can do is try to work together and make this a better place for everyone. 'Cause right now, I dont think it is the best that things can be. Lets keep working on it.

Rhea said...

Just a baby boomer stopping by to say hi.

Leon said...

Missed it by about 6 years.

Lx said...

gen X.
because we're all illiterates.

MsDemmie said...

Baby Boomer here - gradually turning into a Grumpy Old Woman - which comes from living with a Grumpy Old Man!

I alternate between trying to live my life as quietly and as serenely as possible and growing old disgracefully.

flic said...

canopenner (1:34pm)- You said, "I close my eyes and hope for the best because I cant trust what I see as being 'real'." That's great!

rhea- Hello, Rhea. Nice to have you stop by. Please visit again soon.

leon- Interesting that you say it that way, that you "missed it".

el charolastra- I don't believe you. Unless you're making up that reading list you have on your Blogger profile! And you even spelled "illiterates" correctly!

msdemmie- You said, " my life as quietly and as serenely as possible and growing old disgracefully." Now that sounds like a good way to do it!

canopenner said...


You think its great that I cant trust what I see with my eyes?

Ugh I hate it.

Please provide me with what I can trust and believe so I can move forward with my life.

As is Im pretty confused and that makes me unhappy.

I want to be "in control" again. I now know that I was never "In control" but I used to think I was and that was pretty nice.

I dont like living my life like its a dream.

flic said...

canopenner (2:03am)- There's nothing wrong with living in a dream. As long as you're looking at it in the right way. At least you're not saying you're living in a nightmare!

In a dream you have a kind of freedom from the physical world, and your mind gets it's exercise. Also, when you're living your actual life "like it's a dream", then you'll experience a certain invisibility (yes, invisibility) in your life akin to having power over yourself and your surroundings.