Saturday, September 30, 2006

My first post at a community weblog

Have you ever met Jodi? I don't know what you could get from her. But I'm sure it's something. Don't be fooled by the copyright date. And be sure to click on the blinking square.
posted by flic at 08:33PM UTC on Saturday (17 comments total)

1. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot
comment by keyhemper at 08:35PM UTC on Saturday

2. Well, Wolfenstein 3d in black and white is what I get in mac os x classic.Strange...
comment by keyhemper at 08:43PM UTC on Saturday

3. From Wikipedia:To those that aren't in on their conceptual jokes, Jodi's works seem inaccessible and impenetrable, appearing to make the user's computer run amok. For example, their 1995 work appears at first glance to consist of meaningless text, until a glance at the HTML source code reveals a detailed diagram of a hydrogen bomb. Their work challenged expectations of the behavior of the computer, created humor from the misery of the glitch and the virus, reanimated obsolete technologies, and satirized the ocean of opinion and convention that governs the practice of interface design."
comment by minda25 at 08:43PM UTC on Saturday

4. two in one day? this takes me back to the collingwood era.
comment by Fes at 08:45PM UTC on Saturday

5. Thats assembly code
comment by glamajamma at 08:51PM UTC on Saturday

6. Yo no comprende tampoco.
comment by Capt. Renault at 08:58PM UTC on Saturday

7. When I look at the source to minda's page, I see Homer and I see a whole bunch of FARK squirrels doing some cheerleading thing.
comment by MoneyFlitter at 09:06PM UTC on Saturday

8. The answer's in
comment by flic at 09:57PM UTC on Saturday

9. Ah, nostalgia. Back when the likes of, superbad, and entropy8 were at the forefront of the internet 'art' world.
comment by chimaera at 10:55PM UTC on Saturday

10. 'art' That seems a little arch.
comment by Wolof at 11:06PM UTC on Saturday

11. Sorry, that came across a lot more snarky than intended, which was right about near (but not quite) zero.
comment by chimaera at 11:10PM UTC on Saturday

12. SOD = Spear of Destiny(for those who are that old to remember it)
comment by EdArzakh at 12:28AM UTC on Sunday

13. Return of the Jodi?
comment by The Underpants Monster at 01:06AM UTC on Sunday

14.! Freaking art freaking freaks!
comment by petebest at 04:09AM UTC on Sunday

15. Does anyone else remember
comment by six.oh.six at 04:59PM UTC on Sunday

16. Slept with my girlfriend Suzy Rottencritch.
comment by Smedleyman at 7:49PM UTC on Sunday

17. petebest, that f.a.f.f. is a great find! And six.oh.six, glad you provided the link.
comment by flic at 8:33PM UTC on Sunday


As you could see from this example, community weblogs can be very interesting in many ways.

One of the ways that I find them interesting is that a community weblog seems to be a place where people do quick research and find out and give extra information about the topic or link that you bring up in your post.

And be sure to click on and check out at least one of the links above!

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she said...

I agree and I see c.weblogs as a way to share great finds on the net. and man those are wild and crazy and rare links!!

Anonymous said...

What do you do with these links? They're fun to look at though, especially the superbad.

Canopenner said...

Im waiting for the conclusion of last posts story.

But Ill check out the links when I have time.


flic said...

she- Talk about great finds, I like your link!

anonym- You do exactly that: you look at the links, and wonder what to do with them!

canopenner- I think you'll get a kick out of the links, being a computer guy. And the conclusion of last post's story will be going up soon.

mr.fabulous said...

Okay, show me your proof. Put 'em on the glass.

Don't make me call in the airsrike.

flic said...

mr. fabulous- The proof is in the pudding.

And glass houses are made of sticks and stones.

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