Friday, November 03, 2006

What did you really learn in school?

Choose any one or all of these when writing your answers:


Elementary School

Middle School

High School

University (this includes Law School, Medical School,
Graduate School, etc.)

Again, the question: What did you really learn in school?


flic said...

elementary school: I learned that you can't always get away with breaking the rules.

middle school: I learned how to dress in snazzy attire.

high school: I learned about love.

university: I learned that life is fun and full of surprises that add to my life.

grad school: I learned how to live in an apartment with my wife.

/t. said...

life school: I learned how to identify and avoid data mining surveys


flic said...

/t- I hope that your life school has taught you the difference between data mining surveys and a philosophical question.

Stop and think about it for a moment. You may see that you actually come up with a strange answer to that question (What did you really learn in school?), or at least an answer you didn't think you would come up with -- until you have asked yourself that question and really thought about it.

No need to mention any names here, or even say what school level you're referring to when you answer the question. It's just like any other question that evokes one's thoughts on a subject.

I see (from my answer, anyway) that perhaps the answer can seem quite personal on the surface. But then again, answers to all questions seem quite personal on the surface.

/t. said...

just sayin' hi

good luck /w yr q


flic said...

I'm glad you said "q" and not "qs".

murray (mumble grumble) said...

In preschool I learned how to finger paint, and how to make up after a fight.

In primary (elementary) school I learned that I was a pretty smart kid, and that I hated school.

In high (middle) school I learned that I was a pretty messed up kid.

In college (high school) I learned that I wasn't so smart anymore.

Wilkerson said...

I remember learning mainly about people.

cindra said...

I learned in preschool that if forced to eat canned spinach, I WILL vomit.

I learned in elementary school that I was really smart.

I learned in middle school that people can be really mean.

I learned in high school that I was of average intelligence and that all guys care about is boobs.

I learned in University that the world is vast and that I am smart, and that I can keep learning for the rest of my life.

Zelda said...

In elementary school I learned to like school. In high school I learned that school can be boring and that socializing is more important than classes. At university I learned that you can love what you learn but that real life is often somewhere and something else.

puerileuwaite said...

Pre-School - That paste was yummy.

Elementary School - That girls are yummy.

Middle School - That paste is an "entry-level" substance which can lead to airplane glue (for model building, not sniffing) and other nefarious craft materials.

High School - That apparently everyone is gay.

College - Those who can't, teach. Those who can teach are rare gems.

Matina said...

Pre-School: learned I needed to carry a big stick to school

Elementary School: Learned the big stick did no good

Middle School: Found a bigger stick

High School: Used that bigger stick

College: Learned I needed two sticks.

DB Cooper said...

That my ass really is sweet and that my hair looks best in a swirl.

Enemy of the Republic said...

I learned that I hated school and people were mean. I also learned algebra--high school.

University: Literature, writing and how to be a workaholic.

Enemy of the Republic said...

I don't remember pre-school, but the teachers thought I was autistic because I was painfully shy and spoke to no one.

crazy/evil/chocoholic/crazy-girl said...

elementary (first) : learnt that friends arent always friends

Middle : learnt to defend myself

High (secondary) : learnt not to trust, and that teh teachers really arent on our side

College : learnt to trust some, but not all, learnt love and loss

Uni : am learning to trust,, to co-habit, to love and to accept loss

Anonymous said...

Elementary School- I learned about being a friend. And I discovered the thrill of writing. (3rd grade- and I remember the moment clearly)

Middle school- I learned that having 1 or 2 good friends was more important/valuable than being popular. I liked Geometry- hated Algebra.

High School- I was an average student, but a leader among my peers.

College- (Community college) Math intimidated me- English Lit was/is one of the truest loves of my life.

Anonymous said...

Pre School: How to acceptably hold a crayon and sing the song, "Oh if Mother Hadn't Married Daddy, Daddy Would of Married Me". I also learned to feel the melancholy in the very air that I breathed and learned to be afraid of having this special light and air being taken away from me.

Elementary School: I started learning that I wasn't always in the same room with the rest of the kids - I was a bit of a space cadet. I also learned that people could be afraid of you because you were different and that the things you owned seemed to matter to people.

Middle School: That divide over materialism was really brought home to me in middle school, since we were very poor it was extremely painful but good to know it was like that out there. I also discovered reading and read books like some kids eat candy. It was the beginning of a life long love affair with books. I was pretty depressed and I learned that no one really gave a shit about that - the adults just ran away from a problem. Thank god for books.

High School: I only went to high school for a few weeks, but thought it was a depressing institutional shit hole. People certainly rated you on your cool and what you had, and I didn't fit in anywhere. It was very painful and I was relieved to get out.

Grad School: Didn't go there but did have some college.

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