Sunday, February 04, 2007

Institutionalized but not forgotten

The next several posts will be a series of children's bedtime stories written by George Hadory, aged 31, an institutionalized patient for the last 2 years at the hospital who has recently taken to writing children's bedtime stories in order to, he says, "Lull myself to sleep, and get my mind off the fact that I'll probably never have children of my own. Nobody wants a loser like me."

George was a grade-school teacher, and before being admitted to the hospital he was under some stress at his place of work. His wife of five years left him, and he began to find that he had to check that the doors were locked and faucets turned off. This took on a constant and extended ritual pattern, even when he was at home. Over a period of months his rituals gradually became more elaborate and began to interfere with the carrying out of his normal daily activities. Clothes had to be put away and folded in a certain way and the laundry washing had to be carried out for a specific length of time with two applications of soap and two rinses, for example.

He then began to be confused, mistaking the identity of his family members and his friends and his students and becoming increasingly disoriented in a patchy manner in both time and place. He occasionally sat at his desk in front of his class and pretended out loud that he was being interviewed by David Letterman. He soon lost his job. He then began to be visually hallucinated, seeing frightening moving creatures like large insects and six-legged tiny monsters crawling around on the floors at home.

Today at the hospital George is undergoing extensive radio-frequency hypnotherapy and telepathic signal hypnosis therapy (to foster automatic writing), as well as routine sedation with chlormethiazole, and is diligently writing a book of children's bedtime stories.


read children's bedtime story #1, and [NEW: the picture book project].


Kirsten N. Namskau said...

I wonder...when it comes to being confused by names and identities... Can you trigger that by yourself in a mind-trip, per example?
When I say "mind-trip" I mean a line of thoughts where you more or less consciously are playing with names and faces and suddenly in your mind put wrong name on a face.

Kirsten N. Namskau said...

What is your opinion about supernatural power? Does it exist at all, or do you think it is only fraud all of it?

flic said...

kirsten n. namskau- I think you could trigger just about anything in a "mind-trip".

And I think this exercise you mention is potentially an exciting one.

You could walk down the street and bring to reality any person you wish by simply "calling" (to yourself) the stranger next to you by your desired person's name.

Or, you could recall the face of your desired person so strongly that the stranger you are looking at could "turn into" the person you want.

This is during a "mind-trip", of course.


Post Script:

And yes, I believe supernatural powers exist. Not all of it is a fraud.

You have some very interesting ideas here!

Helga von porno said...

I'd like to know what radio frequency hypnotherapy and telepathic signal hypnosis therapy are. Especially the second. Sounds like the kind of idea that would get thrown out immediatley. As regards kirsten and flics mind trip I think good relationships are when the person associates all sexual feelings with their lover. So when watching porn you think about having sex with your lover, when feeling sexually aroused by an attractive person, think about how sexy your lover is. This is something you can consciously practice. I believe that many men can think about one woman whilst having sex with another. The holy ones will always think about the woman they are in love with whatever sexual stimulation is presented to them. The sad majority will think of the sexy unobtainable woman in the office while actually having sex with their lover. and it will be a rare and happy man who thinks about their lover while masterbating, instead of conjuring up some actress or colleague. What strikes me is that in this age few men or women even think there is anything wrong in this, which is literally to condition yourself into being unhappy. Like Pavlov dogs conditioned to salivate when presented with unobtainable food.

flic said...

helga von porno- I think you've misread my (and maybe kirsten's) comment regarding the mind trip exercise. Me and you are really saying the same thing, just in different ways. If you read my comment again you'll see that "desired person" is one's desired person (i.e., one's wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend, dead mother, dead father, dead wife, dead husband, etc.). And a "stranger" next to you is literally the stranger say next to you on the train, or in the street. So it's very much akin to your example of watching a porn movie (the actresses are the strangers) and "thinking" about your wife (your desired person). That's the way I meant it. "Desired person" being your truely desired person, as opposed to the (real-life) stranger you are imposing upon.

I think you are referring more about people who are not in any relationship. Who do not have a truly desired (real) person and must actually impose a stranger (say a movie star) upon another stranger (the real-life stranger sitting next to you on the train). I think the mind trip exercise can only (really, and vividly) work if the desired person is a person you truly love, whether that person is dead, travelling or living far away, or sleeping right there in the bed with you.

Part 2

You said, "I'd like to know what radio frequency hypnotherapy and telepathic signal hypnosis therapy are."

Very simply put, radio frequency hypnotherapy is a therapy using certain radio frequencies (at specific times of the day) to ease a person into a leisurely hypnotic state. And the other part of that therapy, is telepathic signal hypnosis therapy: where signal frequencies (or simple signals) within a radio wave frequency are used to heighten a person's ability to get in touch with their inner (or subconcious) mind and produce a somewhat likeness of that inner mind (at particular moments in time, for the moments are always changing) via automatic writing.

Good for Me said...

i find it sad yet fascinating that one can function well in life -- married, school teacher, etc. -- and then have all of this happen. particularly the OCD traits. How common is it for a person to develop such ritualistic OCD suddenly?

Little Lamb said...

Do you think he will be able to have his stories published?

flic said...

good for me- Yes, it's very sad and yet very fascinating. OCD by nature is very individualistic, and so in the most severe cases it's common that the condition begins, or at first is dormant, expressing itself mildly in the form of the innocent and useful traits of keeping things in good order and keeping things spic-and-span.

But OCD (or obsessive compulsive neurosis) can easily and commonly move up from good habits and good hygiene to a world that renders the suffere's life virtually unbearable and almost unlivable.

The key is that extreme OCD/N (as simply a symptom of something larger, even) is precipitated by any of the anxiety-producing elements and situations in the person's life environment, and thus this unpredictable and individualistic reality is coupled with the threshold of the sufferer's coping mechanisms and determines to a large extent the starting point, direction, style, length and severity of the OCD/N pathway.

flic said...

little lamb- That's a good question! My personal feeling is, yes, it could be done. When I begin posting the stories here, you'll get a chance to see and judge them for yourself.

Kirsten N. Namskau said...

Thank you so much for your answer.
You opened a door of understanding, to more than one wondering of mine.
You know, sometimes it feels impossible to me to understand something, although I want and try.
Like S&M as I wrote about in my post "A world in motion".
I simply can not comprehend it. If I do, then I can not understand why those people feel abused / tortured in war, jail etc.
Here Hammer gave he a hint and I try to work on it.
He said something about: "To follow the rules of the game"
But pleace... It is still a lot of headwork for me to go through.
When does it go from game to violence per example in a private relation?

Good for Me said...

thanks flic. that really helps to understand. it's not as if it just happens overnight. they are already nearing one end of the continuum of the disorder/neurosis (spic-and-span, everything just so), but still functioning. and then it's the circumstances/anxieties of life that moves them to the extreme.

flic said...

kirsten n. namskau- You said, "When does it go from game to violence per example in a private relation?"

In reference to an S&M relationship, there is an actual "contract" that is written up, edited, and agreed upon by both (or all) parties involved.

The contract is very specific on what the limitations and boundries and terms and definitions are. The submissive essentially states the limitations and boundries and terms of those definitions. The dominant agrees to and enforces those limitations, boundries and terms.

And the contract is theoretically a living document. So once the limitations or boundries or terms are breached without consensual agreement on all sides to a revision, the guilty party is then doing what they're not supposed to be doing. The relationship and contact should end there.

good for me- You said, "and then it's the circumstances/anxieties of life that moves them to the extreme."

But don't leave out this important part of the equation: coupled with the threshold of the sufferer's coping mechanisms

Good for Me said...

yes, thanks for adding that. a key factor.

when will we get to read the stories?

flic said...

good for me- We'll be posting them within the next day or so. The first story transcript seems that it (when broken up and accompanied by an illustration for each and every page) could possibly be a children's book in itself. I'm curious as to what your reaction to this (first) story is. :)

Kirsten N. Namskau said...

Thank you for the answer.
Geezz ... I didn't know that!!!
"Holy Madonna" ... I'm speachless.

Canopenner said...

Poor guy.

I wonder if the belief that you are spiralling into insanity and low self worth could actually foster manifestations of madness.

The guy really didnt sound like he was so bad off in the beginning.

I guess I imagine things like this happen for organic reasons but perhaps I guess they can have psychological roots.

Like I wouldnt think this guys wife leaving him and being otherwise stressed would be enough to cause a complete breakdown like it sounds like he had.


But I guess, what the hell do I know.

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