Saturday, March 10, 2007

Paris Britney Connection

Paris Hilton's publicists have been vigorously bending over backwards to push away the fact that Paris and Britney Spears hung out like sisters for a brief few weeks before Britney's meltdown.

And Paris' publists are right to state that there is no connection, because it's true: Britney's meltdown has nothing to do with any emotional ties or mishaps that came along while, or because of, chumming with Paris and company.

What we see Britney experiencing today are the effects and after-affects of applied mind control techniques. Particular people close to Paris have used Paris as a conduit to drop hypno-tropic subliminal scripts in order to take control of (and thus destroy) Britney and her place as a media and cultural darling and money machine.

Paris is tangently aware of this attempt to control Britney's mind, and Paris believes that she stands a better than good chance of filling the cultural void when Britney is "out of the way".

We are able to say these things here because of the known facts about the psychology and processes of mind control, coupled with Britney's current and past public and private behaviour and activities, and a detailed study of Paris' and Britney's time and friendship together. Stay tuned.

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Anonymous said...

At this point i'll believe anything about those 2 freaks..

Kirsten N. Namskau said...

(Sigh) ... GEEZZ ... poor girl.
She is under the law; "Whatever you say and do, can and WILL be used against you."

flic said...

anonymous- Are they really freaks?

kirsten n. namskau- Yes, and I wonder if she knows what she's doing.

Jesse Crockett said...

I see it as a gesture of personal good health.

Didn't you own a copy of Use Your Illusion II as a sorority girl?

flic said...

Hello Jesse!- Yes, a gesture of personal good wealth.

carrie said...

when i suggest this idea to people they act as though i must be joking and they think it seems pretty conspiracy theory-ish.

flic said...

carrie- That's the way it always begins.