Monday, April 23, 2007

Medical Surrealism, Issue 02

The mind, body, and spirit are working as one organism in the world. Death only gives hope and life to renewal. And anything you do or say is connected to the well being of this organism.


1. How would you like to die a hundred times over? And die in so many different ways? Here you can read about a woman who likes to experience a variety of imaginative deaths every day. [contributor: howidiedtoday at HOW I DIED TODAY]

2. To have a nose, or not a nose. That is the question when worrying about a better way to clip one's nose hairs. Death nose, and death knows. [contributor: Mark A. Rayner at THE SKWIB]

3. Voices inside the heads of other people are quite hard to hear. We all want to hear voices sometimes, and we wonder what the voices might say. The vocal cords of those voices would be a treat to see. [contributor: motherjones-rn at NURSE RATCHED'S PLACE]

4. After 33 deaths, this one-act play finally gets to see the light of day. Perchance anyone thinks his existentialism tells infinite clues?[contributor: [link sent in by Bellance] THE SMOKING GUN]

Hover over the thumbnail pictures you see below to see where the link will take you when you click on that thumbnail. Match the addresses on the thumbnails with the brief descriptions you see above in order to go to where you want to go to.


Be a part of Medical Surrealism by submitting a post (or website or blog) of artwork, prose, poetry, linguistics, photography, story, documents, odd, unusual, experimental, or conceptual to the next issue, Issue 03, before May 23, 2007. Send your submissions to flic at banquetofballoons(at)yahoo(dot)com or via the "Carnival of Medical Surrealism" link you see located on the sidebar under "Additional Links". Thanks.

Any and all copyrights belong to the individual authors.


phc said...

Freak me out.. There's some good stuff in here..

ia said...

I was gonna say something in french. But that Cho guy writing is on the other side.

skip said...

flashiest ornament maraschino sabbatical. periwinkles will remain in the area until the beginning of the topic.

flic said...

phc- If it freaks out, then that's good.

ia- But which one? The creative side or the not-so-creative side?

skip- Yes, periwinkles will remain. I like your blog!

Jesse Crockett said...

thanks for all the hell.

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