Saturday, May 26, 2007

Gloss 1

Featured artist: Mark Amerika

Artist's post: "Way back in 1996, I introduced the concept of surf-sample-manipulate as part of a long tradition in what author Raymond Federman calls playgiarism (the use of the extra y is, of course, meant to signify the more playful aspects of intentionally manipulated source material)...." (Read More)

My supplemental gloss: Now this idea in the above-mentioned post would be even more wonderful and even more relevent to one's own artwork if one would choose one's own works to playgiarize. Work that has been published, or work (or parts thereof) that is languishing in one's own private keeping. Indeed, we are playgiarizing all the time. Yes, nothing in itself is original, only in the presentation (and in the timing of presenting) can we find originality. And to make it even easier, remember, most of the time we are indeed playgiarizing from our own real lives (or what we observe or take in from reality around us) when we recall (i.e., use or manipulate) in any way, and for whatever purpose, our daily memories and impressions.

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/t. said...


digital studies, 1997


Matina said...


"amerika studies 1997"
And is floored by digital altx communications


Jesse Crockett said...

J's having a seat at the core.

lie back, cutie.

& what was that shit, klingon?

come on, show him something.

don't worry, he won't take a picture.

you should, tho, next time.

god is my co-pilot.

all systems nominal.

---girlish laughter---


Jesse Crockett said...

i hear KU isn't turning out as many government spooks as they used to.

so, like, who's the queen of this town?

Anonymous said...

Remix eight, remix money.

New piano institute as "regicide realize" (grenadine mends the repeat nonstandard, seemly posthumous, peritoneum fleurdelis, etc.).

matt-williamson said...

I'm thinking about being glad..

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