Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Ivan Johnson: "Hear my sound worm."

Ivan Johnson (pictured) has finished preparing his recordings (full album, 36:24m) done live in the Z-courtyard at the Milton S. Hershey Clinical Psychiatric Center, between June 24 - 27, 2006. Ivan is a 42 year-old schizophrenic with marked affective disturbance who has been receiving inpatient treatment at the Center for the past twelve years. Here is a sample song from the soon-to-be-released CD...

[UPDATE: The full album is now available as a free download!]

[READ MORE, and get the free download...]


merdarius said...

I was sittin on the
I don't know if u call it a couch
or a sofa
But I was sittin there the other day
yeah yeah yeah
What do u think I saw
I saw ?????
walking across the ?????
I don't know
????? person was doing
or where he was goin
But I'd sure like to know
Thank you very much


DG said...

Brilliant guitar playing.

Canopenner said...

-What do u think I saw
I saw a little person
-walking across the carpet
-I don't know
what that person was doing
(I think)

Very interesting tho.

Good for Me said...

heya flic. been forever and wanted to stop by. hope all is well with you.

J Crockett said...

they still "release" cd's?

that really takes me back!

flic said...

M- Good show! I like your triple smile!

DG- Yes, I think it's very interesting playing: it sounds sometimes as if more than one person is playing that guitar -- but it's just one guy!

C- I think you've captured all of it! In fact, I asked, and I know that you did. Thanks!

GFM- All is well (existentially speaking). Thanks for asking. Good to hear from you! How are you doing? Fine, I'm sure.

JC- Well, soon we'll be releasing it from the hospital via this blog (i.e., making it available as a free download). BTW, thanks for the email letting me know about your listenlight!

Canopenner said...

I want the free download!

Those are some of my favorite words to see together!

Esp when it involves an album.



flic said...

Canopenner-- The free download is coming up soon! (this Thursday, 9/27/07)

Good for Me said...

Hey flic. Yes, things are well with me. Busy with a move this summer, boys in new schools, settling in, etc. It's all been good though.

We got a kitten about a month ago. He's been good therapy as he helps to move my thoughts outward instead of remaining in that self-depricating cycle of the mind.

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