Thursday, December 06, 2007


For the first time in my life, I'm seeing dollar signs in front of my eyes. And those dollar signs (and the actual dollars) are entering my life. Call them dollars, or pesos, or euros, or whatever.

Money is coming into my life for the first time because I'm allowing it to. I want it to. I'm inviting it into my life. I'm not asking for it. I'm not hoping or wishing for it -- I'm inviting it, (in other words) I'm accepting it. And it's coming in.

I'm no longer being artistic about it. I'm no longer putting a gripe on money. I'm looking at it as a friend now, almost as a long lost brother -- like it's a part of my own family that I had cast out in the past.

It's not like all of a sudden I've now realized how important money is, or how much I need it in order to survive in this life. It's more like it (the concept of money, and the concept of making lots of it) has come up to me and has asked me to be it's friend. It's as if all of a sudden I have a secret magnetic relationship with money now.


Anonymous said...

I'm on the run again --- fortunately !!

Robert said...

loan m fifty bucks?


J Crockett said...

Have you convinced your moms to vote GOP?

If you want a real challenge, just ask somebody.

flic said...

anon, on the run, huh? that's the same as having a gripe about money.

robert, depends on what you're gonna use it for. :)

jesse, are alec baldwin and mike moore and all their money voting gop? Don't be fooled.

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Anonymous said...

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