Monday, December 10, 2007


I'm a firm believer in what these days is becoming the norm in thinking about inanimate objects: that they actually may have "life" in them. There's an essence in objects. They resonate and give off a (low) vibration of some kind. The molecules in objects are moving about in such a way that science is beginning to say that objects are alive, albeit at a very slow rate of life. Slower than a tree.

When you break or lose an object you just may be hurting that object's (slow-rated) feelings (in the long run). Perhaps this is where good luck and bad luck come in. Objects remember, they can "see," and they can "make things happen."


Jesse said...

I actually work on this one.

RedCairo said...

Do enough remote viewing and you really WILL understand that objects (and moons and tornados and...) are 'identities' of their own.

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