Friday, February 15, 2008


What are the bases on which you select your goals?


arnold said...

no goals.

gary said...

I like to first think about what I might reasonably accomplish in the short term. Ideally, these would be small steps to a larger long-term goal.

Anonymous said...

I have no goals to speak of, at the moment.

Anonymous said...

I have a lot of goals but I don't know if I'll ever reach them. How about your goals - do you have any? What's the meaning of the picture?

flic said...

For me right now goals are like balloons.

Anonymous said...

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Canopenner said...

goals are for suckers.

Im just trying to make it to 2 2-morrow.

ANNA-LYS said...

balloons, bases, goals ...
Is this about sport events?

I am convinced that You ought to select the others basket, other ways, it will not be considered as a goal!


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

You are a space cadet.

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Anonymous said...

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Jesse said...

social conformity, of course.

didn't you go to school?

Jesse said...

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Jesse said...

also, if you were to say that I'm "low maintenance," does that mean you don't charge for it, you don't pay for it, or none of the aforementioned?

Anonymous said...


Good for Me said...

wake up
get up
be grateful
or depressed

do it again

did you say goals?

Anonymous said...

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Jesse said...
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Anonymous said...

or as the bard says,

if you ain't down.. bullshit!

Anonymous said...

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Jesse said...

Please to be go Here !

Jesse said...

I suppose this gives me the last word. Let anyone speak for such a surprise!

Anonymous said...

Last word? Not so fast!

Anonymous said...

Really.. slow down.

Jesse said...

Just one moment remains where I love you. It can't be long now. Hope you're ready. Say what you've got to, so I can make peace. There's more dangerous creatures in the world than you to wonder why they're alive. So many more.

• • •

linfoma_a-escrota said...


No-Sell-Out said...

How do you define your goals in life and how to reach them?

I think one importatnt thing is to know what your actual goals are. They come and go, some might be goals which are really specific like running a marathon (by the way it was one of my goals and I achieved it as well) or stop smoking (havent achieved that one).

So once you have reflected about your more serious goals in life. Check whether they are achivable. If they are achievable in your opinion think about how to achieve them.

I know it sounds a bit geeky but make a plan. Step 1 has to be achieved by the end of the week. Break bigger goals into smaller peaces. Refine your steps, achievements and deadlines if necessary. Dont loose track of them and dedicate yourself. The hardest part of it might be the dicipline it requires to follow this plan. It might take some sacrifices but at the end it is a very nice feeling to be able to say: YES I DID IT!

As someone else said already you should set your goals on a short term and a long term perspective. A short term goal of mine for today was to categorize my posts in my blog for example. A medium term goal right now is to finish up my studies. A long term goal of mine would be to be loved and love and get some money to fill up my piggy bank.

Hope this has helped you in some way. Take the time to reflect upon your long term goals now.

Anonymous said...

anyone there?

Anonymous said...

No. Even the email is a dead end.

flic said...

No, the end is not dead. The email is on now.

Jesse said...

Let me dignify that shit!

flic said...

try again jesse, it's been re-activated.

Jesse said...

I forgot what I'm trying for. Can you remember?

sexy said...








people give me goals and I laugh

Jesse said...

Complete your profile, Joseph.

Anonymous said...

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Jack said...

It depends on mood i guess...
WOOOW!!!! that really great to know about this..and u are looking cute just like a balloon...ha ha ha[lol]

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Flowers said...

Think about the goal and empower yourself to stay inspired and focused on your life goals and that will assist you in achieving them, one by one.

Jesse said...

What is the goal?

Jesse said...

Goals. I have few. They have many. I touch them freely:

funny pictures said...

i have some goals now.

Anonymous said...

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sheril said...

I have many goals in life, and most Of the time I select them depending on the circumstances

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