Sunday, July 09, 2006

I need your help

I'm trying to have lucid or vivid dreams on a regular basis.

Do you have any true-blue techniques, mind-sets, rituals, or concoctions of ingredients, that have worked for you?

I'd much rather hear about your own personal know-how and experience (but pertinent links are of course welcome).

I'd like to find out some ways that have worked for others, and try them out.

I would love to be able to dream on cue. I think I'm like most people, I just happen to dream some nights and happen to not dream on other nights.

For me sleeping is much more exciting if I wake up remembering or at least half-remembering a dream that I've had.


Jon Cox said...

AWESOME POST!!! :o) I'd like all of that as well, VERY COOL!

Anonymous said...

I've heard through the grapevine that Valerian, Nutmeg, Mugwort, Melatonin, Vitamin B6, taken separately, are some natural things to use for lucid dreaming. Not sure on the dosages, though.

Al Sinjab said...

No to cheese dreaming. Two of my friends shared a large block of cheese in the hopes of achieving excellent dreams and achieved nothing more than belly aches and a dreamless slumber.

True Nine said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. In the past, I've been able to induce lucid dreams by asking myself as often as possible during the day whether I am dreaming. After doing this for a week or so, I start asking the question during my dreams as well.

The hard part is then to realize that I am, in fact, dreaming. Usually it will seem to me as if I am obviously not dreaming, even when I am. I've been able in the past to differentiate a dream state from a waking state by looking at the palm of my hand. (I think this is from a book, but I forget the reference.) A dream palm usually changes a bit more than a waking palm. If I look carefully at my palm, trying to determine whether it's a dream palm, I'll often realize that I'm dreaming.

Hope that helps.

flic said...

That sounds like great stuff!

I've been able to induce lucid dreams by asking myself as often as possible during the day whether I am dreaming. After doing this for a week or so, I start asking the question during my dreams as well.
The hard part is then to realize that I am, in fact, dreaming.

So it seems you would answer your own question not verbally, but by either being in (or not in) a dream.


mis_nomer said...

Sleep too much. That always generates a few interesting dreams for me. :)

flic said...

Good for you -- keep it up!

flic said...

It does sound quite alluring, doesn't it?

Thanks a lot for the useful list. I'll be looking into it.

Thanks for the warning!

Safira said...

Interesting topic. My suggestions are that you meditate on a particular subject before bedtime, and consciously decide that that is a subject you'd like to open your subconscious to in your dreams. Also keep a pen and pad by your bed - sometimes we wake in the middle of the night with full memories but when we wake again in the morning they are gone. Of course, sometimes you can't always read what you wrote if you were still have asleep! Good luck.

flic said...

Thanks for this helpful tip. It seems to be a cozy and relaxing way to get into the dreams!

Raven Shields said...

I am a rare breed I have been having lucid dreams since I was a child but there is always room for growth and I regularly use a crystal under my pillow and always refrain from using drugs, potions, teas,caffeine, etc. You want a real experience of the spirit and not a mind trip from a chemical. One person noted to start recording your regular dreams which is a brilliant step in teh right direction! We have to learn to first to have regular dream recall. Actually we dream every night but are soon forgotten upon waking. There is a great book that I would suggest checking out and it has a CD to go with it. It is a basic intro to train yourself to lucid dream. It is called ; "Lucid Dream: A Concise Guide to Awakening in Your Dreams and In Your Life" By: Stephen LaBerge, Ph.D.
He has some great suggestions and it takes practice ,practice, practice to retrain your mind. Best wishes to you. :o)

flic said...

Hey, thanks so much for stopping in and giving some great advice! And some very good follow-up pathways to take. I'm looking forward to the practice, practice, practice! I wonder, what's the reasoning behind the crystal under the pillow? And what kind of crystal -- I would love to put this into practice!

Raven Shields said...

Hi Flic,
Crystals are great sources of energy. Theory is the Alanteans had the knowledge to use crystals in both positive and negative ways. Like history as taught us power usually corrupts. Anyway enough history. I use a clear quartz. When searching for one make sure you get to hold it and feel it in your hand. Use your dominant hand. Trust me you will know when you are holding the right one for you. Take it home cleanse it overnight in spring water to cleanse any negative energies others may have put theer while touching it. This is your crystal. Do not let anyone near it or touch it after you start using it. I learned this all too quickly. Again I use a regular quartz crystal as this is a great conductor of energy and I have great luck with it. Some people find a crystal too powerful and if so it is best not to continue. Fluorite is another type of gem that has good results in dream travel as well as snowflake obsidian. You could make a dream pillow with hops and lavender. that is a good route also. Best thing to do is try what calles out to you. Be patient with yourself and until you can get good recall, keep a pen and paper pad by your bedside. It really does help.
Best Wishes. :o)

flic said...

Wow, what a wealth of detail!

You sure are the go-to-woman when it comes to dreams! Thank you!

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