Friday, July 28, 2006

It's that time of the year

The office will be closed until August.
I and the staff are on vacation for the next few weeks.
Please leave something in the mailbox. Thank you.

You have options, of course, while you're here. You could click on the clock above and watch some movies. Or you could scroll down and explore some previous posts. Of course, you could do both!

(Thank you Shannon for the movies!)


Canopenner said...

Um...Its august now.


flic said...

I'll be home soon! But remember, August is still August until the last day of August. So, a few weeks starting from July 28 until the end of the few weeks into August. Something like that.

flic said...


Hello All,

Please take a quick look at, and then say what your thoughts are on, one (or more) of Shannon's films. They're very short art films, and they're very work safe. My personal favorite is "Stewardess".


plush said...

I'm going to write a review of "Shampoo". It's very short, like all the films, but this was the shortest. I liked that she never washed her hair. She went throught the motions, and the waving around of her hair was the whole show! Sham - Poo, that's what it says on the bottle she's holding: Sham on one side and Poo on the other side of the bottle, and she's fully dressed, and there's no water, and she's not even in a shower! I think this all means TO IMPLY something negative or ironic about the human condition -- no pun intended!

flic said...

What a brilliant and beautiful review!