Tuesday, July 25, 2006

A creative writing meme


Well, I did it. I took 9mg of Melatonin last night (thanks to an anonymous tip), and I had an amazing night of dreams. Unfortunately though, I only remember the last bit of only one of them. But I awoke like my mind was still reeling, trying to slow down from my night of dreams.

I'll take some time in the future to heed the advice espoused here. And I'll take the time to learn how to walk around in my dreams and to control what I do in them. But last night I took the easy way. The Melatonin was very easy, just a sip of water with it. And it's natural.

But today, this morning, now that I'm awake, I'm going to create a new kind of lucid dream. I'm going to live in a huge, extended dream -- a dream that other people create. I'm turning my dream into a story.


Join this meme, and read the following story. And then continue the story on a post on your own blog. And be sure to put "The Rules of the Story Meme Game" list at the end of your story, and so invite others (or tag a particular person or persons) to take the story from there and continue it on their own blog. And so on.


Here is the story: Page One of the Story Meme:

continued from (for example: Balloon)

The Story
Two people inside a room at night, sleeping. Half light, half dark inside the room. One person is sleeping in the bed (head where the feet should be on the bed, and feet where the head should be on the bed). The other person is wrapped in a coat, sleeping on the floor, near the door.

There is someone on the other side of the door, because the person on the bed heard. And the person on the floor opened up the coat and saw that the person on the bed was looking at the door. And so the person on the floor is quiet, and because only one or two feet from the door can see the doorknob turn ever so slightly and slowly. Now you must continue this story.

The Rules of the Story Meme Game, list:

1. You must continue the story from where you see my posted story ended.
2. Read only the posted story you see here. But don't post my posted story onto your blog. Post only your part of the story that you write, onto your blog.
3. You must continue the story in your own vein, and in your own style, etc. (Write at least 50 words. Add whatever you like, etc.), on your own blog.
4. Make your story available for others on your blog, so that others can continue the story after you. Tag others if you wish.
5. Be sure that you make a link available on your post to the person you continued from. And be sure to show a link to those who accepted being tagged. (So later, you and others could travel/click both ways and read the whole story!)

I tag YOU:
If you've found this post, and read it to the end, then consider yourself tagged. Or if I've actually tagged you! Just let me know that you're doing it, (either email me or put a comment/url in this comments section). Here's to thinking about you!


Tim said...

The problem with my dreams is that I don't dream - period. It's not a matter of not remembering, or that I'm fuzzy in the morning . . . I'm completely dreamless. Any ideas for fixing that one?

flic said...

For this meme you don't need to do any dreaming. Just some creative writing.

Read the description of my dream (or story), and simply take it from there on your own. Continue the story on your own. You take it to where you want it to go, on your blog.

You can be wide awake for this meme! You write a story that you make up in your head -- not any dream of yours, per se. Just a story from your imagination, using my story here as a springboard.

P.S. And about the dreams: 9mg of Melatonin, and I could almost guarantee you'll dream.

Canopenner said...

Ill play along in my morning post 2morrow.


always nice to meet a fellow oneironaut, I dont really sleep enough anymore for it but I used to be big into lucid dreaming. Not that I was sleeping much then either...But since Ive gone to an average of 5 hours a night I rarely dream unless its the sort of nightmare that wakes me up immediately, like the other night I dreamt there were rats in my bed and it seemed that as soon as the image met my mind I was flying out from beneath the covers screaming at my wife about rats fully awake and nbot realizing that I had been dreaming for about 10 seconds or so.

Heh...I couldnt sleep after that...For fear of rats in my bed...

Im not even scared of rats normally, but when something is crawling around in bed with you...well...Its unpleasant.

Goodness, Im rambling.

BTW where do you get the melatonin?

flic said...

Great! I'm glad to have you aboard. I'm already looking forward to my morning coffee!

And you should be able to get the melatonin at any nutrition store -- or even most pharmacies sell it.

vanesica said...

Thanks for the tag flic. I remember chatting with you at blogmad. And yes your template is looking great now in Firefox (good job).

Communication breeds intelligence.

I like your idea and will peruse your creative writing meme


flic said...

vanesica (Jessica)-
Thanks for checking that out in Firefox for me.

Now I'm ready for you to take the story/dream to wherever your heart (and mind!) desires to take it.

flic said...


This post, and the exercise therein, is still open. So feel free to do it.


Jessica Doyle said...

Hey you... now you have gone on vacationa and I actually began and posted my continuation of this story! LOL. Well you can see when you get back!

Cheers! have a great time vacationing :)

flic said...

Hi Jessica!
No, I will be around a computer, so I'll be checking in periodically. As a matter of fact, I'm squeezing this comment in while I should be taking the bags out to the taxi to get to the airport!

And the first thing I'm going to do when I get to the computer is read your story!

djrange said...

Hey, I'm going to write something today about his, whilst I let the creative juices stew. It could be good to include links to the people who have already written something so that you don't duplicate efforts,

range.wordpress.com not the blogger one.

Dwayne said...

See my part of the story.
The Cow Jumped It

flic said...

I'm glad that you'll give it a go! And remember, the links to those who have already written are to be found here in this comments section. (At least the people who have started off with my story as a starting point are to be found in this comments section).

And keep in mind, nobody's efforts will be dublicated because this dream or creatinve writing meme exercise is more like a family tree that can branch out into many different directions! It's not exclusively a linear exercise, per se.

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