Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Schizophrenic description #1

Leonard's description of an everyday object: "In sertin cert Jagged jaded tip Hallow way."

Now guess what everyday object he described.

[Leonard, a schizophrenic
patient wearing a smoking

Read the Introduction.


in_college said...

I'll take a guess that he's describing some kind of jar. Like a jelly jar, or a tip jar.

flic said...

in college- Excellent guesses! But no. I have to say that your guesses seem right on target: the double "l"s; the repetitive Ja, ja; the word "tip"!

/t. said...


a brief exposure to
the language system
would be helpful here,
or would that give it away...

a guess about what it is this man is describing -- a cigarette? a dinner knife? paris hilton wearing a rubber nun's habit while throwing dinner knives at a cigarette machine?

what do i win if my guess is correct?


Anonymous said...

a toothbrush?

cindra said...

a ballpoint pen?

flic said...

/t.- Hey there. I'll address the "brief exposure to the language system" and the "what do i win if my guess is correct" part of your comment in the Introduction comments section.

As far as your guesses: no cigarette, no dinner knife, no rubber nun's habit, no cigarette machine, or combination thereof.

Feel free to take another look at the description, and try again.

flic said...

anonym- Not a toothbrush. Good guess.

cindra- Not a ballpoint pen, or pen in any way. Keep guessing.

/t. said...

in sert[]
in cert

an iv/needle?


Matina said...

Needle may be too obvious...but who knows? I was thinking of a vending maching, when you put your money in, and there's a jagged or folded corner, sometimes it only goes in halfway.

Probably way off with that one, eh?

grumblemurray said...

I was thinking of a needle too, which might be an everyday object for him, though it isn't for most of us.

However, apart from that I have entirely no clue, and therefore my answer must be red Capsicum.

flic said...

/t.- Awesome deduction! But it's not a needle.

matina- Not a vending machine. But in a strange (round-about) way, you're not way off.

grumble (murray mumble)- LOL! I'd like to say that it's a red Capsicum. But it's not a red Capsicum.

cindra said...

a refrigerator

Anonymous said...

Is using this Patient's Photograph and Commenting on it legal?

I'd think that it is not ethically right, yet you are the psychology Man and should deffinetely know more than me.

Anyways, as i will take the optimistic side of it that you are a group of scholars doing a research for the good of Human Kind............


flic said...

cindra- Be careful. Be sure to focus and rely on the patient's description for the answer. Don't get caught walking down alley ways based on perceived hints here in the comments section. Or just be very careful in how you read any hints.

And no, it's not a refrigerator. You're getting colder.

flic said...

junior hawk with featherless wings- Yes, it is legal. But more than that, it's also ethically right. The families and/or the legal guardians of every single one of the patients you'll see here in this series has requested that both the patient's picture and descriptive sentences be exposed as such.

In fact, this kind of exposure has already proved therapeutic for Leonard. He has since been at work trying to write a more "precise" description of the object that we are now trying to figure out. Ironically, this experience has made him rudimentarily "connected" to the real world.

And at some time down the road, I hope to invite a few of the patients you'll see here as guest bloggers on this blog.

Canopenner said...

I think he may be describing my mental state after staring at his description for too long a period of time.

Is it a belt?

Im totally thrown off by the like a vending machine bit.

flic said...

canopenner- A mighty good guess! But no, it's not a belt.

And I'll follow through with the vending machine: There is a part or a section of a vending machine (and that includes a cigarette vending machine) that could be associated with this everyday object. But at the same time, the vending machine and this everyday object are as different from each other as a circle and a square peg.

/t. said...

In sert-- ----
Jagged ----- tip
Hall-- way

- an electrical plug
- a light bulb
- a door key

guesses, all


flic said...


/t. got the answer.

The answer is: a key (a door key, to be specific).

Congratulations /t.!

flic said...

The fourteenth guess:

a jelly jar
a tip jar
a cigarette
a dinner knife
a toothbrush
a ballpoint pen
an iv-needle
a vending machine
a red Capsicum
a refrigerator
a belt
an electrical plug
a light bulb
a key

puerileuwaite said...

Damn you /t.!

Not for guessing correctly before I had the chance.

But for stealing my "Paris Hilton wearing a rubber nun's habit while throwing dinner knives at a cigarette machine" guess. Have you been monitoring my dreams again? I asked you to stop that.