Friday, November 10, 2006

Schizophrenic description #2

Rachel's description of an everyday object: "sits silent. circly circly I want one on me and c c c c c c ud it talks to me I'm my own hand L I want to open."

Now guess what everyday object she described.

[Rachel, a schizophrenic patient,
posing for a picture.]

Read the Introduction.


Canopenner said...

Man, these are tough Flic,

Is it a locket?

Can I guess multiple times and say

Is it bigger than a bread box?

Is it a piece of Jewelry?

Is it naturally occuring?

If you choose to answer my questions maybe the future posters will be able to make better guesses...Also if these are the peoples real pictures they might not want to come up in google image searches for "schizophrenic patient", or maybe they dont mind...I guess Im bad at judging their minds' wants and dislikes...I can barely judge my own.

/t. said...


both this
plus previous
are most poetic

is the source written or spoken, and if written, is transcription verbatim?


bodieswithoutorgans said...


flic said...

canopenner- No, it's not a locket.

And yes, you could guess multiple times each time you comment.

As to your questions: I don't want to give too many hints, but:

1. no
2. no
3. It's an everyday object.

And remember, I've said it in a reply elsewhere, "The families and/or the legal guardians of every single one of the patients you'll see here in this series has requested that both the patient's picture and descriptive sentences be exposed as such."

You sound like you're saying that being a schizophrenic patient is a bad thing. But unfortunately, it's a fact for them.

flic said...

/t.- I'll mention here what I've already mentioned in the Introduction: "Each patient was to look at a given everyday object (for as long as they wished), and then write their description on a sheet of notebook paper provided to them. I will present to you their descriptions verbatim."

bodieswithoutorgans- No, not eyeglasses. A very fine guess, though.

Canopenner said...

Flic, I mean no offense, however I do believe schizophenia in particular has a stigma attached to it in our society.

I would guess again but I really have no clue about what the object could be.

If I was to post more questions they would not be of a specific nature and then Ill feel like I was cheating(I already do).

Im going to wikipedia now to read all about schizophrenia.

I am interested to see your answer to /t's questions.

/t. said...


yes, i see that,
and i saw it before,
and still have managed
to miss it, misunderstand it, forget it, and otherwise make you repeat yourself... i'm an idiot, flic

for a guess... book, magazine, paper, cd, tape?


flic said...

canopenner- You better brace yourself, because schizophrenia is an unwitting way of life for a large portion of the population in the world. (And I'm talking about the regular "normal" people that you pass in the street and see on TV.)

There are mild forms of schizophrenia (non-diagnosed) to the more severe forms.

But don't be frightened. You'll have to get used to them. You may even be walking amongst some of them in the corridors at your workplace.

P.S. Don't be afraid to guess again (what the everyday object is).

flic said...

/t.- An idiot you are not!

And the everyday object Rachel described is not a book, magazine, paper, cd, or tape.

Matina said... it a:

-Can opener


/t. said...

"sits silent.
------ ------
I want one on me
and - - - - - c [uz]
it talks to me [when]
I'm [on] my own[.]
hand - - ---- -- open."

have pretty much ruled out fish... possibly a bird or small animal?


flic said...

matina- No, it's not a canopenner, toothbrush, or hat.

/t.- That's right: it's not a fish. And not a bird, or small animal

puerileuwaite said...

My initial guess is that the object is a ring.

cindra said...

A cell phone?

flic said...

puerileuwaite- Not a ring. (Remember, no jewelry: see canopenner's first comment and my reply). Feel free to try again.

cindra- Not a cell phone, or any kind of phone.

grumblemurray said...

I don't suppose it's a computer mouse shaped like a red Capsicum.

I'm not very good at this.

flic said...

grumble (murray mumble)- No, it's not a computer mouse. And a red Capsicum is not in the stars for this description, either. Keep trying, murray!

HighlandAmy said...

The first thing that came to mind was a cassette tape... Although a cassette tape is not really an everyday object anymore, is it?
More like an antique. 1970's relic.

Anonymous said...

Hi flic.

Here are a few ideas...

a doorbell

a microwave

flic said...

highlandamy- I always think it's interesting how technological advances still like to somehow keep one foot in the past for a while. Most CD players sold today also include a cassette tape player! (But I have to say that I like cassette tapes. Not music cassettes, but having fun recording other sounds and editing with them.)

But anyway, the everyday object described by Rachel is not a cassette tape. [Nor is it a tape of any kind, e.g. Scotch tape, etc.] Try again.

good for me- Hi there! These are both good ideas. But it's not a doorbell, or a microwave. Give it another try.

Anonymous said...

A clock?

Anonymous said...

Could it be a Watch?

/t. said...

sits silent.
circly circly
I want one on me
and c c c c c c ud it talks to me
I'm my own hand L
I want to open."

a personal tactical thermonuclear device has got to be top of list for almost anyone, but i have my doubts in this case...

a stiff rye, neat?


HighlandAmy said...

Is it a door knob?

flic said...

mayden's voyage- No, it's not a clock.

harazen13- Nor is it a watch.

/t.- It's not a thermonuclear device. Nor is it a stiff rye, neat or otherwise.

highlandamy- And it's not a doorknob.

Matina said...

A lazy susan?

Boy, this is a hard one! Nobody's guessed right yet.

flic said...

These are the things it's not, so far:

-(any kind of jewelry)
-tape (cassette, or Scotch, or any other type of tape)
-can openner
-small animal
-cell phone (or any kind of phone)
-computer mouse
-stiff rye (or any other kind of drink, or food)

I'll give you this hint: it's an inanimate object.

Also: Rachel's description is tough, I think, because the ratio between the personal and the universal in her statement is somewhat higher in favor of the personal. But the universal (clues) are in there for everyone to see! Try to separate the universal from the personal.

flic said...

matina- And no, it's not a [lazy susan] rotating food tray (or any other kind of tray).

I was writing a few hints in my comment above, just as you were writing and sending out your comment!

Anonymous said...

is it a pinwheel

or a coin?

flic said...

good for me- I like the pinwheel guess! But it's not a pinwheel. Nor is it a coin.

puerileuwaite said...

Is it a spiral-bound notebook?

puerileuwaite said...

Probably not my previous guess, since - upon closer inspection - you have "book" and "paper" listed above.

Okay then, how about a lampshade, or a light ring reflected on the wall/ceiling?

Anonymous said...

a yo-yo?

/t. said...

sits silent.
circly circly
I want one on --
--- - - - - - - -- -- ----- -- --
--- my own ---- -
- ---- to open."

a wrapped gift?

(possbily containing a locket, ring (any kind of jewelry), eyeglasses, book, magazine, paper, cd, tape (cassette, or Scotch, or any other type of tape), hat, can openner, toothbrush, fish, bird, small animal, cell phone (or any kind of phone), computer mouse, doorbell, microwave, clock, stiff rye (or any other kind of drink, or food), watch, personal tactical thermonuclear device, doorknob, rotating food tray (or any other kind of tray), pinwheel, coin, spiral-bound notebook, lampshade, light ring reflected on the wall/ceiling, another wrapped gift)


Matina said...

May be some article of a belt, perhaps?
Or a coat...

flic said...

puerileuwaite- Yes, you're right... it's not a notebook (or any type of book).

And the light reflection from the lampshade is a very nice guess, but it's not a light reflection of any kind. Nor is it a lampshade (or any kind of lamp). Good guesses, though.

flic said...

good for me- It's not a yo-yo.

/t.- It's not a wrapped gift.

matina- And it's not a belt, or a coat, or any article of clothing.

grumblemurray said...

A snail shell.

A rock (perhaps a paperweight).

A coaster.

A mug or glass.

Brian Dennehy.

flic said...

grumble (murray mumble)- Good guesses, murray! But none of the above.

good for me said...

scissors or hole puncher?

flic said...


Good For Me got the answer.

The answer is: scissors.

Congratulations Good For Me!

I need your URL, the link from your name here says your profile is unavailable. And I know you have a blog, because I have been there. But let me know where you are now.

Anonymous said...

Hi Flic! Sorry about that, I was making some profile updates. Should be good now.

This really is fascinating. The one thing I was pretty certain of when figuring it out was the "hand L", and that it probably meant "handle".

Good for Me said...

Flic - the "Me" entry is also "Good for Me". Having an identity crisis :)

flic said...

Oh, that's fine. I knew that "Good For Me" and "Me" are one and the same person.

And I see from your blog now that you are settling on "Me". So,

me- Great job! The "hand L/handle" was all you needed in the end.

I'll be in touch!

Enemy of the Republic said...

A planted bug by the CIA?

Enemy of the Republic said...

Oh, I didn't read the answer--wouldn't have gotten it anyhow.

flic said...

enemy of the republic- A planted bug by the CIA -- now that's actually a good one.

I'll have to add that to the list of everyday objects that I show to the patients for their descriptions!

I look forward to you bringing your inquisitive thinking into the next round.

flic said...

Kudos to everyone who participated in this round! It was a difficult one. And here are some hints or clues that generally may be helpful for reading the descriptions in the subsequent rounds:

The following are four key elements of Rachel's description. And it's also what was left after filtering out the "personal":

1. circly circly
2. c c c c c c ud it
3. hand L
4. to open

1.The "circly circly" are the two circular finger holes of the handle of the scissors.

2.The six c's here need to be read phonetically: kkkkkk ud it = cut it

3.The "hand L" is indeed the handle.

4.And "to open" is what one does [with the handle, and the blades] when using a scissors [to cut].

But of course the fun also could come in when you try to decipher what the "personal" part of Rachel's description was describing, in conjunction with her getting the scissors description through!

Good luck in the next round!

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