Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Schizophrenic description #3

Bruce's description of an everyday object: "Blind dark flat on eye see me round sound switch show see we bree eat breet white brite stop off."

Now guess what everyday object he described.

[Bruce, a schizophrenic
patient, photographed
just before he sat to write
his description.]

Read the Introduction.


flic said...

This one might be easier.

/t. said...

the real clues
as personal on the
last one, am discounting nothing to start this one and guessing by gut reaction/first impression --

remote control?


flic said...

/t.- Good guess! But it's not a remote control.

canopenner said...

Ill guess a flashlight?

Yeah a flashlight.

flic said...


Canopenner got the answer.

The answer is: yes, a flashlight.

Congratulations Canopenner!

good for me said...

wow - that was fast! great job canopenner!

Canopenner said...

Pure Luck.

But thank you.

Anonymous said...

I'm new to this, and I'm not sure I've ever known anyone who was Schizophrenic...especially based on what I've read here.
I have, however, spent a good deal of time with children, and some of these descriptions sound like something a 2 or 3 year old would say. (This would actually be a fun test to try on my 4 yr old nephew- asking him to describe everyday things without saying what the object is)

Anyway- my question is this: Are schizophrenic patients more likely to be learning disabled, or mentally delayed? Or do you have cases where a patient is very bright, but is still diagnosed with schizophrenia?
I'm just curious. I'll google this diagnosis just to be a little better informed and ready to read your reply.
Thanks :)

flic said...

mayden's voyage- Hello there! You could look through the Introduction (to the schizophrenic descriptions) and its comments section, and also through the comments section of each of the Schizophrenic Descriptions (#1 and #2). And you may pick up some useful additional information.

Also, try that experiment with your 4-year-old nephew. It's a good experiment. Even use the same objects we're using here (e.g., a key, a pair of scissors, a flashlight). And you'll plainly see the difference between an organized mind and the "disorganized" mind.

But of course, as with everyone (and everything) else, there is always a method to the madness.

carrie said...

i was thinking lightbulb. canny is smart.