Saturday, December 16, 2006

Schizophrenic description #8 (the last in the series)

Ronald's description of an everyday object: "Billing boing song and then some one cent turn all dun for some I don't lone on my own tome leck go home sad mad"

Now guess what everyday object he described.

[Ronald, a schizophrenic
patient with a cleft palate
and wearing glasses.]

[UPDATE: Ronald first gave us the
above family album picture of
himself (striped shirt, circa 1976)
to use for this post. Now he says he
feels more comfortable about himself
and wants us to use a current photo for
this post. So here is a photo of Ronald,
taken December 18, 2006.]

Please read the Introduction (to the schizophrenic descriptions) and its comments section first.


Good for Me said...

a piggy bank?

Cherie! said...

School bell, cuckoo clock???

For me the significant words / phrases are :Billy Boy song ; turned all down ; don't learn on my own time; let's go home.

How'm I doing?

/t. said...

it is
bilbo's song
from lord of the rings

book two, the two towers, bilbo hums


Anonymous said...

How about a gumball machine...

Is that an everyday object?

The Phosgene Kid said...

I'd say a gumball machine that ripped him off - the one cent turn thing seems to point in that direction. I think your theory about typicals understanding schizophrenics is interesting, but kind of a stretch. But I am stone deaf so it is tough for me to understand anyone.

infinitesimal said...

first of all phosgene:
the person-first term is not "schizophrenics" it is "a person who has (or is diagnosed with) schizophrenia.

(also no capital S, schizophrenia is not a person place or thing)
....I am a rehabilitation psychology major, fresh out of college and full of the new info.)

And I will graduate in 6 days (actually, commencement is tomorrow, I am not going)

But anyways there, 'flic', i have something worthwhile to say...

If you are interested, I can give you the journal articles that I used in my research:

Recent evidence and theory suggests that schizophrenia is caused by a lack of nutrients during gestation (early onset) and that the typical onset of 21-30 years old has to do with diet as well.

The omega-3 fatty acids found in fish oil, best source in diet being salmon...acts as a lubricant for the brain (the mylar sheaths) working much like oil is to a car. In addition, vitamin C has been shown, along with the omega-3's to actually reverse scizophrenia, as well as depression. Actually, the exact remedy is:

Less sugar
High doses of:
vitamin C (or any other anti-oxident)
Omega-3's (fish oil)
Folic acid (key ingredient in making new cells and repairs)

There is what I would consider, empirical evidence and the journal articles are from this year...

I wrote an APA style research paper on schizophrenia this semester.

Supposedly, and I believe it to be true, the root cause of schizophrenia is malnourishment and too much sugar.

drop me an email if you want to know the particular sources.

Several studies were done, and the most recent one, actually saw a reversal of presentation of symptoms when patients cut way back on sugar and began to take the vitamin suppliments.

Even though the teacher hated me, and I was getting a C in her class; Even she had to admit that it was a damn fine paper, which brought the grade up to a B.
So anyway, thanks for dropping by, good to chew the fat with ya, and stay away from the sugarbowl!!

flic said...

good for me and cherie!- No, it's not a piggy bank. Nor is it a school bell or a cucko clock. Although a school bell does figure in figuring out what Ronald said.

You're doing fine: Yes to "don't learn on my own" and I'll straighten out "time [to] let's go home"

flic said...

/t.- Yes, another reference (although not directly in your guess here) to school or books. Good going!

flic said...

canopenner- The object is not a gumball machine. But I would say a gumball machine is an everyday object.

flic said...

the phosgene kid- As I've said in Canopenner's reply, the object in question is not a gumball machine.

And you actually made a very good point when you say, "But I am stone deaf so it is tough for me to understand anyone."

Because what can be said at all can be said clearly. And at the same time the corollary is true, too: what can be said at all can be said unclearly.

Therefore, the receiver (the hearer) holds the bigger ball in his or her court.

Good for Me said...

a ruler or pecil sharpener?

Cocaine Jesus said...

never read this blog properly before. more power to you and those you work with.

clock bell?

Anonymous said...

How about a wallet ???

flic said...

good for me, cocaine jesus, and canopenner- Not a ruler or pencil sharpener. Not a clock bell, or a wallet.

And thanks for the kind words, CJ!

flic said...

infinitesimal- I always love the enthusiasm of an undergraduate! Seriously. You really wrote your paper in APA style? Not in MLA style? Now that's wonderful.

I have to tell you that I'm a proponent of vitamins and juice therapy as a source of general well-being. And also as a supplemental source of alleviating mild depressions, and other mild polar affects.

But I do have to tell you that you've read your material wrong somewhere along the way, and that you didn't read deeper into the material that was in front of you. Or more accurately, you didn't look at all the available literature. Common sense will tell you that vitamins are not a cure-all for the major ailments (let alone the major mental illnesses) in the world. Only a vitamin salesman or a zealous vitamin enthusiast will tell you that.

Vitamins don't cure schizophrenia. Vitamins won't make someone's hallucinations and delusions go away. They simply don't do that. And staying away from the sugar bowl may prevent high sugar levels in your blood, but it won't cure, or even be the sole cause of preventing, diabetes -- let alone schizophrenia! And also let alone the fact that if you're predisposed (in your genes) to diabetes, then only laying off sugar still won't even prevent diabetes.

Anyway, if you approached your paper saying something along the lines that vitamins are a minor supplemental possible help to the prevention of the onset of schizophrenia, then nobody could say that you were wrong. Just like nobody could say that you were wrong if you said that lowering your everyday stress levels would help reduce your risk of triggering schizophrenia. Of course it would help. Drinking only water would help, too. Anything that is generally healthy would help. It sure wouldn't hurt, now would it?

Then you would have got an "A" in the course rather than a "B".

P.S. If you're interested in seeing the proper use of the phrase "a person who...", I recommend you take a look at this fascinating post.

in_college said...

a toy airplane?

Anonymous said...

Carnival Ride?

Matina said...

This is a bit of a stretch...a credit card or ATM card?

Anonymous said...

infinitesimal says:

Supposedly, and I believe it to be true, the root cause of schizophrenia is malnourishment and too much sugar.

"Supposedly, and I believe"

What a load of shit!

Call back when you can spell "antioxident"

flic said...

anonymous- No being disparaging towards anyone, please. Especially if you're not confident enough to come out of hiding in Crockett, Kansas!

flic said...

in college and canopenner- The everyday object Ronald described is not a toy airplane, nor is it a Carnival Ride. Good guesses, though.

flic said...

matina- My heart jumped, and skipped a beat. You're back from your haitus. That's great.

And your guess is a credit card or ATM card. Have you been doing a lot of shopping?

No, the object described is not a credit card or ATM card. Although your guesses are quite similar, in a positional kind of way (?), to the object in question.

Good to see you!!

Matina said...

Hey Flic,

Great to be back! Couldn't stay away for long, anyway. Your blog was calling out to me in my sleep ;-).

No, no shopping. Just observing. Looks like we need to do a little more observing, less spending these days. Eh?

So ATM card is not it (hmph). How about a toy whistle (made in China)?

grumblemurray said...

Wrist watch, pocket watch, or any kind of watch.

Anonymous said...

Is is an iPod?

E said...

A pocket calendar or a musical diary?

flic said...

matina- I hope calling out to you softly.

The object Ronald described is not a toy whistle. Hmmmmm.


flic said...

grumblemurray, puerileuwaite, and E- Not a wrist watch, pocket watch, or any kind of watch. Not an iPod, pocket calendar, or a musical diary.

Very good guesses, especially the last two on the list here.

grumblemurray said...

What the heck is a musical diary?

Cherie! said...

Is he learning how to drive? Car radio? Cassette?

E said...

Visiting or telephone calling card.

infinitesimal said...

oh, not a watch,


a losing lottery ticket?

flic said...

cherie!, E, and Infinitesimal- No, not a car radio or a cassette (or anything to do with a car, or necessarily with music).

And not a visiting or telephone calling card (or any kind of card).

And also not a losing lottery ticket (or any other kind of ticket).

Although the last two guesses were good ones because the object in question is flat like a card or ticket. But it's bigger.

/t. said...

it's not
a christmas card

• •_• = ×····×;
  • •_• = ×····×;
    • •_• = ×····×;
      • •_• = ×····×;

very best of the season to you and yours, flic, and all best for the new year


flic said...

/t.- It's "Merry Christmas" in morse code.

And a happy holiday season to you and yours, too! And a happy new year!

Cherie! said...

Billboard song? Hence a poster of a rock star? Alternatively a black (or white) board?

flic said...

cherie!- Very good guesses. But the object is not a poster of a rock star or a black (or white) board.

Now the object in question is very much smaller than a black (or white) board, and it's also much smaller than a poster, and somewhat smaller than, let's say, a chess board.

E said...

A4 size notebook or time-table? Grreting card (musical). Could also be a pop-up book, one, hard cover.

flic said...


"E" got the answer.

The answer is: a sheet of [A4] notebook paper. I'll also accept [A4] notebook as an answer as well.

Congratulations "E"! You're a three-time winner!

Cherie! said...

Congrats E! NEXT time guess it BEFORE the hints :P!!!

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