Saturday, April 07, 2007

Updates (Final), Kathy Sierra

[UPDATE: April 6, 2007: She's back! Based on Kathy Sierra's newest post on her blog, you'd think she never experienced the personal/public whirlwind culminating in that terrible appearance on CNN. There's no update on the actual event in her post. But there is a long round-about request for, and a preoccupation with, how she can take advantage of the new position she finds herself in. I believe that there is a high level of denial and more than some evidence of schizoid thinking going on beyond the surface in her post, including the pictures she has decided to include in her post.]

[UPDATE: April 6, 2007: Here are the final results of the one and only Kathy Sierra poll, conducted here at Surreal and Paranoid Life from March 28 to April 6. Here is the poll question, along with the percentages of the answers:

What's the bottom line with this Kathy Sierra fiasco?
1. Kathy is working hard with the authorities and will prosecute. = 30.3% (40)

2. Kathy is watching the publicity she is getting and loving it. = 25.8% (34)

3. Something other. If so, write what it is in the "Hang in there" comments = 22.7% (30)

4. Kathy is really offended and will blog no more. = 13.6% (18)

5. Kathy is actually one of the "meankids", and they're all having a good laugh. = 7.6% (10)

6. Kathy will be killed or harmed by the perpetrators of this mess. = 0% (0)

total votes: 132 individuals ]

[UPDATE: April 5, 2007: Well, that's it. The Kathy Sierra story has died down. And everyone, including all the players in the saga, got a chance to construct their own different versions of stories and current-issues. Now we could all move on to talking about how we're not going to talk about Paris Hilton anymore. Or even more appropriately, we could all move on to appreciating the consciously constructed real-life fictions of writers like Dana Vachon and Harlan Ellison.]

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