Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Updates, Kathy Sierra

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(See continuous updates on the Kathy Sierra saga below)

[UPDATE: April 3, 2007: Frank Paynter has a post with links to assorted reactions to the CNN segment. And he says in the post, "CNN has covered it now, and we know that America’s finest news gatherers are able to do more in less than four minutes on early morning TV than the assembled blogosphere can do from all the laptops in the land."]

[UPDATE: April 3, 2007: Well, here it is -- a YouTube video of the CNN segment. And it's unbelievable. From watching this video, I would say Kathy Sierra is going through a nervous breakdown. And both Chris Locke and Kathy Sierra look like ghoulish cast members of a strange horror movie. Nothing is worth looking like that on television in front of so many people. Was that for real, or did television just do them in?]

[UPDATE: April 2, 2007: Not much of a big bang after all the CNN hype. See some reactions to the CNN gathering here (read the comments section for some good information), and here (for a micro summary), and here (where Scoble says he was "cut out" of the CNN segment. I guess fate would have it that his appearance on CNN was an April Fool's joke, after all.)]

[UPDATE: April 2, 2007: Now Kathy Sierra says, "Chris Locke and I agreed to publish a statement, together (both in our own words) in advance of the story which will appear tomorrow (Monday, April 2) on CNN, at 7:20 AM (EST) on "CNN American Morning", and throughout the day on other CNN shows...."]

[UPDATE: April 1, 2007: Here are two links to online articles from Business Week (March 28) and the Los Angeles Times (April1) with their [double-agent: i.e., print media with an online presence] takes on the subject-matter stemming from the Kathy Sierra debacle.]

[UPDATE: April 1, 2007: Robert Scoble is claiming that March 31 is a date when one is able to say an "April Fool's joke". It's not clear though whether the Scoble-on-CNN-with-Kathy-Sierra part is part of the "April Fool's joke" or not. If it is part of the "April Fool's joke", then this adds an element of infintilism to the whole affair at hand. If it's not part of the joke, then we're back to where we started.]

[UPDATE: March 31, 2007: It seems like there will be a full house over at CNN on Monday, April 2. Robert Scoble says, among other things, "I was going to not blog until Monday, but I saw something today that just has to be blogged about. Seriously, on Monday I’ll be on CNN with Kathy Sierra and Chris Locke talking about this week’s events. I spoke against more rules or other infringments on our freedom of speech. No matter how vile or disgusting that speech is."]

[UPDATE: March 30, 2007: And Chis Locke (a.k.a. rageboy) says, "I met Kathy Sierra last night for the first time -- on camera. This email just hit my inbox from CNN: The segment is scheduled to debut on our [April 2, Monday] morning show "CNN American Morning" which airs between 6am to 9am. If there is breaking news of a serious status, it will not run.]

[UPDATE: March 30, 2007: There's now an Update over at Kathy Sierra's "as-i-type" post where she says, in part, "Yes, I should have known that when I posted, and had I known the firestorm that would be created, I probably would have stayed silent. But my words here still stand." (read more...)]

[UPDATE: March 29, 2007: Last night Kathy Sierra decided to close the comments on her infamous "as-i-type" post.]

[UPDATE: March 28, 2007: Evidently there's the possibility that (one of) the person(s) behind all the aformentioned Kathy Sierra death threats and serious jibes is none other than a shadow person who stole Alan Herrell's identity and has been gallivanting around the internet passing himself/herself off as Alan Herrell, although as Alan Herrell incognito.]

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